Quinto e ultimo appuntamento del ciclo di seminari online Two Centuries of Pasteur!

Il quinto e ultimo appuntamento del seminario Two Centuries of Pasteur, che si terrà in modalità telematica il giorno 23 marzo 2023, alle ore 17 (CET), vedrà ospite Victoria Lee (Ohio University), con un intervento dal titolo: Fermentation Science as Coevolutionary History: The Pasteurian Legacy in Agroindustrial Microbiology.

AbstractThis talk explores the transformation of food fermentation processes in Japan and France, two differing politico-economic contexts where microbes were known and used as living workers as well as pathogens. In Japan, academic science backed the industrialization of the traditional sake and soy sauce sectors as part of the state’s economic strategy since 1900. In France, science supported small and medium-sized dairy farms through quality-related research amid European competition, especially after economic integration in 1957. The development of agroindustrial microbiology in both societies reveals an emphasis on metabolism over genetics, biodiversity as much as standardization, and ecosystem thinking alongside a focus on the individual organism. Placing the laboratory perspective in the rise of microbiology into the context of the persistence of longue durée craft knowledge during industrialization, the talk suggests some of the possibilities offered by the history of small-scale agroindustrial knowledge for addressing contemporary issues in microbiology and sustainability.

Tutti gli incontri possono essere seguiti da remoto al seguente link: https://meet.google.com/bzt-ucgf-ryc

Il ciclo seminariale è organizzato da: Mauro Capocci (Università di Pisa), Maria Conforti (Sapienza Università di Roma), Antonio Clericuzio (Università di Roma Tre).

23 marzo 2023: Two Centuries of Pasteur, seminario di Victoria Lee [online]

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