World Congress of Philosophy, Rome, 1-8 August 2024

Thematic Section: Philosophy of Cognitive Neurosciences

Philosophy of cognitive neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field that examines the theoretical and conceptual foundations, as well as the methods and implications, of cognitive neuroscience from a philosophical perspective. It addresses fundamental questions and issues related to the study of the mind and brain, aiming to understand the nature of cognition, consciousness, and mental processes in the light of the neuroscientific evidence.

This area of philosophy explores various aspects, including the relationship between the mind and the brain, the nature of mental representation, the validity and limitations of neuroscientific methods, and the ethical implications of cognitive neuroscience research. Philosophers of cognitive neuroscience critically analyze and contribute to the development of theories and models in the field, often bridging the gap between empirical findings and conceptual understanding.

Submissions are welcome on any topic relevant to Philosophy of Cognitive Neurosciences from any theoretical orientation. One can submit an individual/co-authored paper or a panel/roundtable on a specific topic that includes 2 to 5 speakers.

Nonetheless, we especially welcome submissions on questions and topics including the following:

  • New approaches to mind-brain relationship
  • Neuroscience and the philosophy of aging
  • Neuroaesthetics
  • Neuroscience and the self
  • Embodied cognition and neuroscience
  • Neuroscience and enactivism
  • Neuroethics
  • Predictive processing
  • Neurotechnologies and Neurorights

Please see for instructions on how and where to submit your paper (and please specify that your submission is related to Section 56 Philosophy of Cognitive Neurosciences).


The deadline for submissions is 10 November 2023, though papers received after that deadline but before 1 February 2024 may be accepted, depending on availability of suitable slots.

Some relevant info:

  • Congress Dates: August 1-8, 2024.
  • Place: Section no. 56 Philosophy of Cognitive Neurosciences will be held at the Tor Vergata University, Rome
  • Not funded: participants are responsible for travel, accommodation, meals and registration (on the model of attendance to APA in the US)
  • Registration: 200 to 250 euros (depending on date)

Additional information about the 2024 World Congress of Philosophy, please see

Please do not submit papers or abstracts directly to us. But we are happy to discuss with you your initial thoughts before submission, if needed. This is advised especially regarding a panel/roundtable submission.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Rome next year!

The Section Chairs:
Shaun Gallagher (University of Memphis |
Andrea Lavazza (CUI, Arezzo; University of Pavia, Italy |
Carmela Morabito (University of Rome Tor Vergata |
Corrado Sinigaglia (University of Milan |

Call for abstracts: Thematic Section “Philosophy of Cognitive Neurosciences” (Deadline: November 10, 2023)

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